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Fly'n Rascally Pete

Owned by: Jeff and Melanie Ramey

Fly’n Rascally Pete, aka Pete, is a 4 year old male currently hunting wild birds as well as competing in field trials around the country. Pete was imported from Canada by Craig Steinbach and professionally trained in his kennel. Acquired in 2018 by Jeff and Melanie Ramey, Pete is still trained by Craig and will be standing at stud and continuing to compete in 2020. 

Sire Dog

Fly'n Rascally Pete

Richard's Shiloh High Ace x Butch's Tin Lizzie


Oct 7, 2015


"Pete"'comes from a lineage that has no comparison. In fact, nearly every dog on his pedigree was or is part of the lineage of a national champion. Sire, Richard’s Shiloh High Ace by Elite’s Aces High goes back to CH Super Express William, by Short Super Express and out of Strike’s Special Tommy. This bloodline shows up in the last five years in almost all the competitors of the Bird Dog National Championships at Ames Plantation. 


Dam, Pinehill Elhew Keepsake, by Elhew Damascus out of Stinnett’s Elhew Babe, goes back to the classic Elhew breeding of Elhew Mr McGoo with Elhew Jubilee and Elhew Phantom with Elhew Stylish Jazz. The Dam line, if you can believe it, is even more impressive. Dam sire, CH House’s Ring of Fire, also shows up in nearly all the dogs at the last five years of the Bird Dog National Championships. By Lance’s Last Knight by HOF CH Erin’s Bad River, this sire line is one of the most sought after and impressive lines in history. Dam’s dam, Touch’s Blaylock Bess, by CH Whipporwill War Dance by HOF NAT CH Whipporwills Wild Agin also contains the legendary bloodline sought after near and far. 


Pete has an excellent nose with incredible range and intensity on point.  He is a gregarious dog in the kennel and in the home. His classic breeding, superior conformation and physique as well as his fantastic temperament will lend to any breeding program a steady and true genetic strain built for any field. Pete's pedigree is chock full of impressive bloodlines that are seen in full force at National Championships year after year. Richard's Shiloh High Ace brings in the solid foundation Elhew blood on both sides, but especially through the top nicking of Elhew Mr McGoo and Elhew Jubilee producing Elhew Damascus. Butch's Tin Lizzie boasts the great CH House's Ring of Fire, going back to HOF CH Erin's Bad River and on the bottom side is CH Whipporwill War Dance.


The 2019 National Championship was full of relatives in this impressive line of dogs. Coldwater Thunder, running her third time, whose grandsire was CH Whipporwill War Dance who competed there three times himself, and his sire CH Whipporwill Wild Agin five times, winning his third year. Cole Train, sired by Lance's Last Knight, a son of Erin's Bad River, half-brother, Touch's White Knight, and three nephews, all son's of House's Ring of Fire, Touch's Gallatin Fire, Touch's Spaceman, and Touch's Mega Mike competed this year together. Erin's Full Throttle, one of five grandson's of Erin's Bad River that competed this year. And the list goes on of how tried and true this bloodline is and has been.


Pete is currently exhibiting at field trials as well as hunting wild birds. Look for him in 2020 on the circuit as a serious competitor with his eye on the Quail Invitational. These lines have proven results in the field exhibiting dogs that are top bird finders and retrievers again and again. Personality plus, Pete is also a great house dog and gets along with our other house dogs. He is a serious competitor in the field and is a lovable member of our family at home. His physical attributes and characteristics would lend to the serious breeding program.


We are committed to breeding top English Pointers with correct conformation, great desire to hunt, tenacity, and willingness. We believe in the Silent Command System employed by the Smith Training Method, masterfully employed by Craig Steinbach at Fly -N- Gun Kennels. Our dogs are exposed to birds and hunting at a very young age, making the training process more seamless and less stressful overall. This ensures a wonderful hunting experience for both dog and owner.

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