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Ramey's Elhew Independence

Owned by: Jeff and Melanie Ramey

TJ is a grandson of Elhew Jefferson out of a female who is a granddaughter of Jefferson.

Sire Dog

Ramey's Elhew Independence

Amaruga Elhew Heir Strike x Rich's Elhew Pepper x Hackberry's Elhew Cody


April 2021


TJ is line bred Elhew Jefferson and shows great ability on birds with super style all with a laid back attitude.  TJ is currently in training as a horseback shooting dog. He has had a lot of wild bird contact in his first year in Wisconsin, South Dakota, Montana, and Kansas.  He is super stylish on point, has a great personality and a can do attitude.  


We are committed to breeding top English Pointers with correct conformation, great desire to hunt, tenacity, and willingness. We believe in the Silent Command System employed by the Smith Training Method, masterfully employed by Craig Steinbach at Fly -N- Gun Kennels. Our dogs are exposed to birds and hunting at a very young age, making the training process more seamless and less stressful overall. This ensures a wonderful hunting experience for both dog and owner.

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