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Welcome to Prestige Pointers! We are committed to breeding top English Pointers with correct conformation, great desire to hunt, tenacity, and willingness. We work closely with Craig Steinbach at Fly -N- Gun Kennels and employ the Silent Command System of the Smith Training Method, both to which we credit our dogs' success.

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Jeff and Melanie Ramey have been upland hunting enthusiasts their entire lives. Jeff grew up in Northern Kentucky hunting in the woods as a kid and as often as possible as an adult. Melanie grew up fox hunting and was always intrigued more by the hunting dogs than anything else. She worked briefly at Midland Foxhounds and had the privilege of knowing the legendary Ben Hardaway. Having that early exposure to selective breeding has always sparked interest in breeding a good hunting dog.

Jeff and Melanie were fortunate to obtain their first English Pointer in 2018, Fly’n Rascally Pete. Previously owned and trained by Craig Steinbach of Fly -N- Gun Kennels, Pete has been a pleasure to hunt and have in their home. Pete has begun his trialing career and will be campaigned in 2020. Pete will also be available for limited breedings in 2020.

In 2019, Jeff and Melanie obtained siblings Brutus and Katniss, from Fly -N- Gun Kennels out of Fly’n Elhew Ruby and by Hackberry’s Ice Max. These two phenomenal puppies are in training with Craig and are currently available for purchase.  They both are great dogs in the woods as well as exhibit huge potential for NSTRA and Cover Dog trials.

In January 2020, Jeff and Melanie made the decision to purchase two siblings by CH Elhew Sinbad himself.  Duke and Sindy are phenomenal examples of what the best bloodlines will give you, not only in the home, but in the field.  They will also contribute greatly to the future of Prestige Pointers.  

May 2020 will bring the first litter for Fly'n Rascally Pete to the kennel.  Bred to Fly'n Misty Moonshiner, these pups will excel in any hunting environment.  Reservations for pups are being taken now.


We believe in the Silent Command System employed by the Smith Training Method masterfully employed by Craig Steinbach at Fly -N- Gun Kennels. Our dogs are exposed to birds and hunting at a very young age making the training process more seamless and less stressful overall. This makes for a wonderful hunting experience for both dog and owner.





Fly'n Rascally Pete

"Pete is an exceptional dog, currently competing in field trials and wild bird hunting all over the country.  He possesses some of the most desirable bloodlines that can be found in the top 20 bird dog champions in the past five years.  Pete is available for approved breedings in 2020."

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